Italian Manufacturer of Central Vacuum System visited India to know about India market and to visit some of the Builders in Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi where we have out let to present central Vacuum System to our customer and also Italy Manufacturer is willing to setup Assembly plant in India and also Mr.Satyajeet Goswami from Hyderabad is our Partner who is Technical person in Central Vacuum System who also been a part of our new Project.

Mr Daniel from Malaysia visited India for the purpose to know about Buran Inc export products and he would visit our associated processing Plant. Our team also proactive to give warm welcome to our Malaysian guest.

Buran Inc has done record export of 1000 MT maize export and we are always willing to except challenges in our work to give our best services to our buyer’s .

Buran Inc also has a small share of export business in Gulf countries and we are expanding our operation network.