Central Vacuum System


At home, in a healthier world….. In fact we are working so that men and women can find themselves better inside their own houses and offices, where they spend most of their life.

Features-Central Vacuum System

The central units dedicated to residential areas are the perfect solution for installations in apartment houses or small flats: with compact dimensions and versatility of installation, they can be easily installed on balconies or perimetral walls, and, with Jolly unit, they can be installed in complete houses.Suitable for surfaces up to 3300 Sq. ft.

cleaning accessory kits are suitable for rectangular or squared inlet valves. Provided in a single pack, are offered in several variations (with 7 or 9 meters hose) to satisfy any possible cleaning needs.

With confidence and pride our Manufacturer have successfully participated on prestigious projects in over 50 countries around the world with specialist of central vacuum System, is the best guarantee for a high competitive and innovative product.

Cleaning Solutions from 1000 SQ.FT to 20,000 Sq.ft Area

Pipe Network Connection-Central Vacuum System

Choosing the right Central vacuum system cleaner is very important in order to grant a good operating system and you need to select the right model depending on the total surface area to clean.