Synthetic Artificial Grass


As a professional Supplier from our manufacturer, we supply grass yarns and artificial grass . Not only the price is very competitive, but also the quality is well guaranteed. With high cost performance, our Manufacturer grass is widely used in more than 60 countries all over the world.

To meet the needs of different clients, there are various models of artificial grass for different applications in our company, such as landscaping turf, football grass, golf putting green, tennis court, multi-purpose grass and so on. Here we attach the general introduction of our company for your reference. Please check them and tell us which kind of grass you need.

Grass has advanced professional production lines in the world, which are able to produce various artificial grass yarns and grass carpets ranged from 6-70mm pile height, 2m- 4m width with tufting gauge of 3/4'', 5/8'', 3/8'', 5/16'' ,3/16'', 5/32'' .
With the extensive business networks of customers and partners our Manufacturer has more than 46 countries worldwide, our major target is “Turning Artificial Grass into Revenue”.

Grass expertise brings to our clients a consistent level of quality sales and services with mutual benefits.

Grass Mantra

Grass is dedicated to helping our clients grow their business and finding new opportunities in artificial grass industry.

Higrass Value: Caring Quality & Trustworthiness
Higrass Focus: Focusing on business we excel at
Higrass Innovation: Grow steady and act within our means
Higrass Partnership:
Partnering with our staff -- Thriving On Teamwork
Partnering with our clients -- Strategic Partnership Based On Trust and Sincerity
Except for the GREEN, to YOU and ME, to the world, Grass strives to deliver much more …

Carpet Surface
(1) Carpet surface must be flat and smoothly.
(2) No un-cut yarn turf .

Product Images

Pile height

It is the height of the grass yarn- general pile height is 20-40mm


For the synthetic grass, there are two parts: grass yarns and backing cloth. The yarns are tufted to the backing cloth by tufting machine

Tufts density

It means the stitches numbers of 1 square meter grass yarns- density is 13650-18900 stitches/sqm


the distance between two lines of grass yarns- general gauge is 3/8 inch

Secondary backing

the coating of backing cloth-  Black SBR Latex is the coating material the backing cloth is PP+ Net

Roll Width

As our grass is packed in rolls, the roll width is 2m or 4m Recommended roll length is 25m.

Roll length

Recommended roll length is 25m.



Steps To Install And Fix Synthetic Artificial Grass

Step 1

 Remove existing turf. Using a turf cutter we will completely remove your
existing lawn leaving no material that can grow back through the new surface.

Step 2

 Lay Weed membrane fabric. This weed barrier will ensure that nothing can grow 
through and penetrate the turf surface.

Step 3

  Lay sand base. The base will consist of either red granite sand or sharp sand 
(depending on availability at your local quarry). In certain circumstances we will    lay MOT type 1 and/or drainage if it is required due to poor drainage.

Step 4

 Compact and level sand base. The base will then be screeded and compacted a 
few times to ensure a level and firm surface to base your lawn surface on.

Step 5

  Fit, trim and join grass. The grass will be trimmed to size and shape using Stanley
knives and then any pieces will be joined together using specialist tape and glue to give a neat tidy finsih to the lawn.

Step 6

  Admire and enjoy your finished lawn surface.