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Scope Of Supply Of Vertical Type Tyre Mounting And Demounting Machine

Scope of Supply for machine:

Sequence Of Operations for Tyre Changing Machine :

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Operator will Pick up Rear Wheel Rim and place on the Vertical Tyre Changing Machine



The operator will enable the location of the Tyre on the machine, and then press the button for auto clamping of the Wheel rim.



Operator will apply Soap oil at wheel rim seating area and insert the Rear Tyre on the wheel rim. Then the Operator will Apply French chalk powder inside the Tyre and over the Tube



Operator will then Insert Tube in to the Tyre and insert Tube Valve into the rim hole and Tighten the tube Valve


Operator will then press the button to enable the tyre with the wheel rim & auto operate to enable the wheel rim in the tyre.



Operator will then Fill air inside the assembled tyre and Check the Tyre pressure.


Operator will then press the Button to declamp the Tyre Changer


Machine specifications:

Operator Controls:

  1. The Tyre Changer machine will have ergonomically designed handles placed on the either sides of the spindle such that the axis of handles is perpendicular to the operator.
  2. The control buttons for the machine will be easily accessible to the operator.

The following buttons/systems should be provided:

  1. Power on/ off.
  2. Spindle Rotation Forward / reverse
  3. Push button machine / Clamp actuation in manual mode
  4. Spare button for future applications
  5. Power clamp button
  6. Power declamp button

Machine General Supply Condition


Assembly line systems must be confirmed to the industrial safety standards. The system must incorporate safety features like :

  1. Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker should be provided.
  2. Joy stick ( machine control unit ) will run on 24 v dc. Current for operator safety.
  3. Over Current Protection should be provided.
  4. Surge Suppressor should be provided.
  5. Line Conditioner should be provided.
  6. Single Phase Protection should be provided.
  7. Phase Short Circuit Protection should be provided.
  8. Protection system to ensure uninterrupted earth connection
  9. Safety of man and machine should be taken care of.
  10. Safety of Maintenance person
  11. In Emergency Stop conditions machine should stop its all operation immediately

Technical Specification Of Tyre Changer Machine

Application range

Trcuk / bus /tractor / Special vehicles

Clamping Range

14” – 30” rim sizes.

Max. Wheel Weight

 550 kg

Max.Wheel Width

780 mm 

Max.Diameter of wheel

1600mm  ( 1.6 meter )

Driving power of hydraulic pump

1.5KW 380V – 3 PH

Driving power of Gear Motor

1.5 Kw 380 V – 3PH

Control unit ( Joy stick )

Will operate on 24 V DC current.

Bead breaking force

2.5 ton.

Net / Gross weight of the machine

750 kg G/W   820 Kg N/W

Special Levers for easy operation

Provide special tyre lever 2 nos small lever and one big lever for tractor and tubeless tyres. And 2nos for single ring rim.

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