Wooden House

We can also specially design and supply the wooden houses according to customers' own requirement. Our wooden house is quite environmental, antiseptic, shock proof and durable, it can also keep warm in winter and cool in summer. So our wooden house is more and more popular.

Certified Wood

The finest wood is processed, tested, handpicked and certified highest standards of quality of wood most suited for construction projects

Steam Dried

The wood is further dried by steam in order to reduce the moisture level to bear minimum making it the most ideal and durable wood for home building.

Weather Proof

Wood is weather coated to withstand any tropical condition. Down a valley, up the hill, in the countryside, right on the beach, the snowy Santa zones, the scorching sunny deserts, the wet and moist rain forest. It can take it all at ease!!!

Pest Treated

The wood is pest treated to resist termite and any other wood bug increasing the life span, durability and the strength of the wood.

Wooden House Frame Base Installation